Beaches connected

In the summer of 2016, a service was rolled out to meet high demand - ‘Cala Salada - Connected Beach’. Access to the Cala Salada Beach is limited for environmental and safety reasons for public transport and emergency vehicles. A special bus service is available in the summer, as is a free car park located in the sports area in Can Cox, with a bus leaving every 15 minutes. Access can also be gained to the beach by means of the small boat which leaves from the Port of Sant Antoni.

For the 2017 summer season, a new experiment will take place concerning Benirràs Beach. Although the total closure of access to the beach is not planned, partial closure on Sundays has been proposed. This line between Can Coroner and Benirràs will coordinate with line 20 between Ibiza and San Juan-Portinatx.

Cala Salada


  • Parking Can Coix
  • Bus
    L34 Estació bus Sant Antoni - Can Coix - Cala Salada
  • Barca
    Port Sant Antoni - Cala Salada
    Anada: 10:30h - 12:00h - 12:30h - 13:30h
    Tornada: 12:45h - 16:00h - 17:30h
  • Cotxe (10:00h - 18:00h)
    Accés limitat: Evitem el col·lapse de vehicles privats i les dificultats d'accés per als serveis d'emergència que posen en risc la seguretat
  • Mapa
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